Projects under our scope:
Residential spaces

Certainly every home should be relaxing and serene. Our homes are, after all, our refuge from life’s stresses and dangers. The ambience needs to be warm and inviting with a bright , airy and spacious feel. The quest for peaceful, worry-free living has inspired our simpler, more realistic approach to home design. Interior designing for homes lies in the art of making spaces that look good, are easy to live-in and superbly functional within the existing architecture.

Our home interior designs are based on creating lifestyles with interesting furniture, unusual lights and shapes that spruce up the space. With a design sensibility attuned to bringing out the personality of the homeowner and the home, we transform houses into homes.

Commercial projects

Business today is rapidly changing the way people work. The new work culture makes it imperative to provide good work spaces that foster creativity and growth. Our design team and space planning designers create and open and transparent area that boost social interaction and cohesive team building. We design efficient work spaces to deal with the ever-increasing work demands.


We at, Design Ensemble India allow our customers full input into the design processes, while creating a working environment that is safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing. In additional to the consultation on all phases of design, we offer complete project management and clear and accurate CADD drawings of every aspect of the project. Plant and laboratory managers, as well as those from Quality control are able to work with just one firm on all aspects of design and construction of the laboratory Laboratory/Clinic space.

Studio Apartments

A studio apartment is a newer concept and is rapidly gaining popularity all across the globe. Especially since apartments are now wearing quite an expensive price tag. Studio apartments, also known as a bachelor-style apartment, efficiency apartment or a studio flat are small and self-contained. Efficiency apartment is the perfect term for a studio apartment as a single unit of flat contains all the essential rooms found in an apartment without any barrier of walls or divisions. Giving you all the creative freedom. Our team has also developed a specialized skills and added few projects in our portfolios of converting 1Bhk apartments to compact 2Bhk apartments giving big families a good space in compact houses in cosmopolitan area.